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Modul TIK


[This materials for students at X Class Semester 1]

An electronic peripheral consisted of the component which each other relevant forming a machine which can be operated. A computer is consist of the various type of compiler component so-called hardware. Hardware is peripheral of EDPS supported (Electronic of Data of Processing System) able to touch element Hardware compiling a computer shall be as follows :

Computer can only accept the data which entered through the input equipments of computer. some example of input equipments at computer peripheral are:
* Keyboard
* Mouse, gamepad, joystik.
* Scanner
* Kamera Digital

Data processing required the following things:
a. Storage:
Data and instructions kept into storage and constantly within the storage till processed by prosesor. Result of computer processing will be kept into main memory is so-called memory. Memory unit divided to become 2, ROM ( Read Only Memory ) and RAM (Random Access Memory)

b. Control
Every computer have the control unit taking instruction from main memory. Afterwards translate it and use the signal which needed by components to developing system and executing commands.

c. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
CPU consisted of
• Unit Control
Undertake coordinated all other unit activity
* Calculate Unit and Logic
• undertaking to do various calculation operation and operate for the logic

Data entered at input equipments of computer and which have been processed will be released to through the output equipments. This equipments can be in the form of the printer, monitor, and plotter.

the other example of equipment can be searched at internet. More details about this materials will be written in next posting.. just see and wait..


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  1. ass.wr.wb
    mr.gempur seharusnya ejaan dari kamera dalam bahasa inggris itu camera bukan kamera,seperti yang anda tulis and ejaan bahasa inggrisnya ada yang kurang tepat!!!

    Posted by mrs. Xxx | November 6, 2007, 6:00 am
  2. # Mrs. XXx:
    thanks for your correction..

    Posted by gempur | November 6, 2007, 7:14 am
  3. Pak gak ada apa-apa!!!!!!! Bagus kok pak!!!!!!!!!

    tapi masih ada yang gak ngerti??????

    Plotter itu apa?

    Posted by Aditya | November 9, 2007, 7:19 am

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