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Blogger Nusantara, Next Step to be Professional Blogger [1]

Blogging, known as an online activity related to blog as writing media that a small part of netizen in cyber world. Blog writer usually called blogger.

In third country, blogging activity take place on netizen although less attention but even become dangerous activity such as China.

In Indonesia, blogging activity has a good portion although there is no valid data to prove and explain it. But, there is unique phenomena which not seen in other countries, blogging spirit in indonesia can be seen in many blogger communities spread on many regions. Specially based on geographic. Eventhough, there are also many blogger communities based on hobby, blog platform, and or interest.

One thing that can’t obey is many Indonesian bloggers who can make their blog/s as money earner. They are seeing many opportunities on internet as business opportunity and more worthy. Many alternatives and possibilities how to maximize their online activities to do more are on their strategic creativity.

[To be continue]


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2 respons untuk ‘Blogger Nusantara, Next Step to be Professional Blogger [1]

  1. nice article! Actually I wanna do more comment, but you know that my English is pretty rubbish..

    Posted by ndop | Oktober 4, 2011, 2:23 am
  2. Just like you, masbro! We are the same

    Posted by Gempur | Oktober 7, 2011, 2:51 pm

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